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Thankful Tuesday and enjoying this beautiful Autumn day.

It’s a thankful Tuesday for me.
The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year.
It’s supposed to continue this way for the next several
I know eventually it will change so will definitely enjoy
and savor each moment.

I’m feeling so much better every day and trying to get
back into the swing of things.

I'm thankful for Tuesday to be getting  some of my food storage moved to a new location

I’m thankful for a day to make a little progress on moving
more of my food storage to a different location in the
organizing I’d started before I got sick. It’s slow going but
I’ll get there.

This afternoon I watched a presentation with Josh Matyas
with Seeds for Generations on Localizing our Food Supply
and minimizing our dependence on the food supply system.
I value what Josh shares and what him and his family
are doing. I learn so much from them and purchase a lot
of heirloom seeds from them.
I’m putting the link to the presentation below. It’s a tad
lengthy but every moment is worth it.
If your like most you’ve been keeping tabs on what is happening
with our food supply chain, with farmers, with fertilizer and the
list goes on.
Here’s the link: Relocalize Your Food
You may need to register to watch but it’s pretty simple/straightforward.

Have the best night. Focus on Thriving not just Surviving, seek peace and keep
preparing one step at a time.

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Bug Out Gardening Guide
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