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I made chicken for the dog's food. Just deboned, saved the broth and separated out the fat for  neighbor dog that is neglected. Bones will b used to make more broth and will skim fat off the broth  to cook with.

Today I made chicken for the dog’s food.
I got a good price on hind quarters. Not my favorite and a bit fatty but it works.
I deboned down to every teeny tiny bone so no choking for the dogs.
I also save the broth, skimming off the fat when it cools to use in cooking other
things. With the price of food ‘Thrifty’ and ‘Wise’ is the name of the game.
The bones go into the freezer for making more broth as well.

I have a neighbor dog that is quite neglected so I save all the fatty skin pieces
and put on some dry food for him. He’s always a grateful boy to get the extra
on the food I give him.

It's Friday,  just made chicken for the dog's food. How exciting right. Even though to old to care about going out doing anything but working at home, I still get excited lol I

I hope your Friday goes well for you.
I joked with someone earlier that I still get excited
it’s Friday even if I’m too old to care to party. Not that I ever
did anyhow lol
I’ll be working inside and out today. The Power company still hasn’t come
out to clean off the power line but it rained again so probably is the hold up.
I’ll do a bit more tree trimming as well as put away the chicken broth once cooled
from making the chicken for the dog’s food.
Who knows I may be back to share more later.
Stay safe, stay aware, stay at peace and keep focused one step at a time.

Rusty and Marie supervising me digging for next pond. Then they can have some chicken in their food I made later on
Rusty and Marie are supervising me digging for next pond
then time for lunch with the chicken I made in their food lol
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