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I’m updating on ‘Lessons to Learn When Crap Happens’ from last post.
If you missed it, have a read here: Lessons to Learn When Crap Happens
I’m still pondering much about what lessons I’m learning and to continue to
learn about the Garden Disaster with the trees the neighbors cut down
and those that fell on the garden.

Woman Pondering Lessons to Learn When Crap Happens

Some in the preparedness community spend a lot of time planning to go to their
bug out location when things get crazy enough.
It’s not in the cards for me to do so. Therefore, I focus on what to do
hear and now, not waiting for things to fall apart but using each situation
that arises to learn, be creative and stay focused.

As I mentioned in my earlier post the neighbors cut down trees
with one falling square on my garden area.
I spent a lot of time cleaning that up and glad not too much
damage to the plants.
A few onions broken off and a smashed cabbage plant.
That’s a lot to be thankful for!
The other trees are still a work in progress waiting for
the power company to come remove the
branches and vines entwined with the power lines.

Today the police came and spoke to the neighbors and their son who speaks and understands English fairly well was present. I asked them through him not to cut down my trees and if they cut their own down fine but be careful not to damage my property. I also had the son tell
them to leave the other two trees alone until the power company’s
forestry dept comes to clear the lines.

A really awesome thing happened! The same neighbors came
and started helping me clean up some of the remains of the fallen tree
in the garden and also managed to get the tree wedged in between
the fence posts out.
The wife had a clever and the husband had a clippers for gardening. I had to laugh
but obviously this must work for them.
I was surprised they didn’t want the tree and kind of bewildered why they cut it down.
I thought they were going to use it for their trellis’s. The husband asked me if I wanted it.
Of course I do and am creative with wood here.

I realized if they had not left after the tree fell and were home, and my actions and words toward them were fueled with anger and cursing it would have served no purpose.
I could be wrong but it seems somehow a line of communication
was sort of opened rather than doors closed.
Time will tell if they continue cutting my trees by the fence but I am hopeful they won’t.
In some respects I feel badly for being so harsh in the beginning
with them but thankful the Lord tempered my words.

The biggest lessons I learned/am learning how to conduct myself in situations.
This wasn’t a volatile situation but what if it was and
I fueled a lot more than I bargained for. I’m not perfect
but I do see I have a lot of room to grown in a lot of areas.

I have a big mouth and sometimes yell things at some of
the neighbors whether they hear me or not in regard to
how they treat their animals. Not smart when the other
neighbor boasts of having guns.
Most of all not neighborly or a good witness for the Lord or anything positive.
Okay true confession time is over lol

Just received my most recent of Ron Foster's books. A fantastic southern prepper author who has an art of sharing fiction and skills to learn for grid down times.

I’m going to relax for the evening and read the most recent books
I received from a fantastic author, Ron Foster. I’m excited to read them.
The books are ShareCropping the Apocalypse and Martha’s Home for Wayward Preppers.
If you haven’t read any of Ron’s books, I suggest you do.
I appreciate that Ron has an art of combining fiction
as well as interspersing how-to-skills
for living offgrid throughout his books.

Thanks for reading.
Stay safe, stay focused, stay peaceful and definitely keep an eye out for changes to make and lessons to learn to be better able to thrive in days to come.

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