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Do you look for lessons to learn when crap happens?
Something happened today that made me pause after
being so mad to ask myself what lessons I could learn.

I went to take one of the dogs out and noticed something amiss with
one of my gardens.
There was a tree across the garden area. Upon further inspection
I discovered the Asian neighbors had cut down several small trees
of mine near their garage.
One of my Mulberry’s is wilting leaned up to the side of their garage
and things in the garden were being smashed
by the weight of one tree.

Garden destruction from 
neighbors allowing a tree
to fall across my garden.
Definitely lessons to learn when crap happens.

The picture doesn’t do justice and I’d cut a lot of the branches off
and untangled vines already.

A little back story here. The Asian neighbors frequently cut down trees,
branches, etc to make their trellis’s for growing food. I’ve seen them
cut branches off my trees out back and decided no big deal but today was
a big deal. My garden was smashed down and some of my Mulberry Trees
were cut down.
They usually toss their trees and trellis material in an alley way in the fall (which really is in the way if you have to drive through there). I normally harvest them
for projects and things I’m working on.

I cleaned up most of the branches and vines and cut most of the tree out
through early evening. The rest of one tree trunk is wedged between two of my fence posts and I’ll be out working on it tomorrow again as well as cleaning up the garden area more.

Yes, I was really mad and did some cussing.
The neighbor’s driveway had trees and branches they’d cut down laying there but were nowhere in site.
They’d did the damage and left.
My thoughts were if you don’t know how to cut down trees without doing damage don’t do it.
If their not your trees don’t cut them down and if you cause a problem go and let me know.

Again they for the most part besides a son seem to not understand or speak English.
I’m not sure if this is accurate or just easier for them to not communicate. Who am I
to judge!

Tomorrow is another day but I’m praying about how to handle this.
I’ve been praying for communication and community here as times
get crazier.

What would you do if in my shoes?
I see this as a learning opportunity for days to come.
Sh*t is going to happen and since I’m not joining the ‘Bug Out’
protocol and staying put I need to learn to stay at peace and
level headed, making wise decisions.
Perhaps this is timely for learning lessons when crap happens.

How about you? Do you take opportunity to learn lessons today
when crap happens. Lessons that may be foundations for days to

I’m coming to believe more and more that it’s important to learn lessons when
crap happens now and start building foundational blocks to enable us to
stay level headed, at peace as much as possible, creative and full of a
vat of wisdom.
Granted I’m a work in progress lol

Give some thought to learning lessons when crap happens daily and
build more and more foundational blocks to cope with a level head,
staying at peace and able to make wise decisions.

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