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Lots to ponder and consider but enjoy the Christ of Christmas and enjoying the beauty of the season

There is a lot to ponder and consider these days.

Carla at Home shared this on her site on Monday with Neil Oliver.
Neil’s message is powerful as ever to not allow heresy of those who
want to destroy our joy and faith if they could to do so.
And we should be happy about it too….Not!
Give it a watch and stand strong in the Light and enjoy Christmas
to the maximum!

This morning I read an article from Todd at Ready for Your Future that
got my attention in a big way. He shared,
Water for Survival – What Happens When Your Water Storage Runs Out?
Storing water and having enough always causes me to ponder and consider
different things quite a bit.

I honestly I store water everywhere imaginable and unimaginable. I have
two small ponds as well as plan to increase my water catchment and dig
a cistern in the Spring. Am I still concerned I’ll run out of water, yes I am
and it’s an ongoing concern.
Then there is the matter of purifying your water. Either with a Berkey,
Life Straw, a Wapi or some other means.
Reading Todd’s article can give you some more ideas to consider.

Oh and by the way if you want to learn more what a Wapi is you
can go here to learn more>>Wapi.
It’s pretty straight forward using a Sun Oven or a pan for
your water on the stove.
Which brings me to Sun Oven’s elves have been busy putting
together a sweet deal that includes a Sun Oven, a cover, a cookbook
and a Wapi. If you order by Dec. 12 you can have it by Christmas
for yourself or for a gift.

Buy Yours Now

I had planned tonight to share some more products from
Nutrient Survival but what I’ve shared seemed most
important to share and tomorrow I’ll share more on a
few more products I’ve tried out.

Have the best night, seek to stay at peace, stay focused,
and keep preparing one step at a time.


  1. Avatar Cindy


    What he said about picking on the person you know won’t hit you back is true, and this has been going on for as long as I can remember. Even here in the US and Canada, Christmas has been attacked from every angle. Whether the obnoxious atheist who has to sue the small municipality for a nativity scene at the town hall or the Christmas display at the local school that gets turned into a meaningless “winter” display.
    The people of the UK are in some serious trouble, not that we aren’t as well, but they are on the fast path. I watch a couple of youtubers over there and it’s mind blowing how bad it’s gotten there and in Europe in general. No one can afford heat, electricity, or food. They are starting climate lock downs in select cities. There are multiple labor strikes. It’s really falling apart quick.

    Sawyer mini’s are a good water filter for the money. $20 and it will filter 100k gallons of water.
    Even though I have multiple water sources available I still store 100 gallons in the basement. I use those 5 gallon blue water cooler jugs. I have lived through not having potable water when the world was running just fine. It was freaking awful, so i don’t even wanna think about not having water if the shtf. Our neighbors ruined our well when they buried an old barn close to the property line and our well. Fortunately there was a water service that had gone down the road a couple years before and we could hook to it, but otherwise we’d be trucking water in.

    Did you see the power grid attack in NC?

    Keep calm and prep on.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Jamie.
      Your so right on saying Christmas has been attacked from every angle for some time.
      Most schools have to call it a winter play and Christmas isn’t allowed to be used.
      My older grandson’s go to a school outside of the school district where I live and
      there are the only school I’m aware of that use Christmas and Christ as well as
      singing about Christ. It’s a huge district and doesn’t bow so far to the anti-Christ
      anti-Christmas agendas.
      The people in UK really are in big, big trouble. I know a few people there and so
      far they aren’t talking about the lack of food, heat and electricity. I’m waiting
      to see if they will talk about it.
      I’m not sure why they are so silent. Maybe they have to be but unsure.
      I’ve watched a few youtube videos talk about what is happening there too.
      And even some in government have put down the U.S. for helping to convince
      them to go green and make all the changes but no one is doing anything about it.
      I sadly watch what is happening there and seems U.S. isn’t far behind but
      for some reason not as overt about it yet. Although they aren’t hiding much either.
      I think they hope those speaking out might shut up or be shut up first but isn’t
      going to happen!

      I forgot about the Sawyer Mini and glad you mentioned it. You brought it to
      my attention awhile back and it is a good water filter for the money.
      It’s good you have multiple water sources and a lot stored as well.
      I lived through the flood here in 93 when the water works was shut down
      because it was flooded out.
      People stood in line for hours to get bottled water and when that wasn’t
      available they stood in line with jugs to be filled up.
      I did move for awhile out in the country and had well water even though
      had to be filtered. It was less chaos there. I did come back and help
      others as much as I could. I no longer have access to that place and
      would have bought it if one of the owners didn’t decided to run off
      with another man and sell it to someone else quickly to leave. Sigh
      I don’t want to have to live without water if shtf for sure and hope
      to do all I can to not have it happen.It’s always on my mind to keep
      doing everything I can.
      I know that had to be infuriating to have neighbors ruin your well when
      they buried their old barn, giving no thought to your well at all.
      I’m glad you had a water service you could hook into it otherwise
      it would have been rough trucking in all that water.
      My dad lived in an out of the way place in Arkansas and he had to
      bring water in. Wasn’t fun at all.

      Yes, I did see about the power grid attack in NC and also some saying
      good chance linked to ones that happened other places.
      It seems some are just scoping out what it takes to take it all down.
      And it’s a scary thought. I’m not quite ready for it to all go down yet
      but if it does before I’m ready I’ll certainly be making do with all I have.
      Lord willing and with His provision we’ll have a bit more time to get
      Puppy is asleep so going to start working on another post before I need
      to keep him out of trouble lol
      Have a good night, seek to stay at peace and keep prepping one step at a time.

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