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Holiday Recipes and Reviews are a few things on my mind
to share today.
This year instead of buying gifts I’m baking goodies for
Christmas gifts.
I found an easy recipe for Peanut Butter Cup Cookies online.
I mixed it up last night and have it in frig to start making
closer to gift giving time. Although I might make a small
batch to sample myself lol
Oh and I was going to share this last night
but my computer had an issue and a lot going on
today but back at it tonight.
Here’s the link for the cookies if you’d like it–
Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

I was eating some popcorn I made and had this idea to
make some holiday popcorn for gifts. So I did a search for
some holiday recipes using popcorn.
I found one thankfully but only in video on facebook.
The website link wouldn’t work.
So even though I’m not fond of facebook and most
of you probably aren’t either, I’ll give you the link
and if you prefer not to go there to watch their
video just ask me and I’ll gladly share how to make
the popcorn. The link is below:

Since I last posted I have had a chance to try a few more items
from Nutrient Survival.

Yesterday I gave the Homestyle Scramble from Nutrient Survival a try
with some toast for breakfast. Made with sharp cheddar, eggs,
shredded potatoes and bell peppers sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt.
Plus gives a healthy supply of vitamins, minerals, protein amino acids,
omega 3’s and omega 6’s plus fiber.
In is available in larger bags and cans.
I do believe this would be a great addition to your preps
with a shelf life of up to 15 years.
If you’d like to learn more or get your hands on some
for your preps I’ll put a link below. Might be a nice
gift for a prepper friend as well!
Homestyle Scramble from Nutrient Survival

I also tried Special Ops Chocolate Rocks.
These are surprisingly so good that I had
trouble not finishing them off lol
These are rich dark chocolate bites in a
camouflaged candy colored coated shell
with 10 grams of protein, 13 vitamins,
3 minerals, 10 protein amino acids,
and a 50 mg shot of caffeine.
These are totally going to be in my
preps for days to come if can keep
my hands off them hee hee.
If you’d like to learn more about these
here’s a link below:
Special Ops Chocolate Rocks

I have more samples from Nutrient Survival
to try out that I’ll share in coming days.
If you want to see all they have and not
wait for me you can always go to their
website and check more out.
Nutrient Survival

In addition to canning your own food, dehydrating food,
freeze drying, and making your own MRE’s
Nutrient Survival has some better prices
than a lot of places I’ve purchased from.

I read this article earlier on Daily Wire and find it interesting.
Country Music Star John Rich Launches Patriotic Bank With Ben Carson
And Larry Elder; Will ‘Never Cancel Law-Abiding Customers’

I read the article and checked out Old Glory Bank that will
take new customers soon as I understand it.
I’m not sure what to think at this point. I have questions
like how can this bank not be part of the Central banking
system that is diminishing the value of the dollar
more and more on purpose with the powers that be and
WHO and others. As well as there are plans to
go digital vs the paper dollar.
Anyhow have a read and I’d like to hear your
thoughts on this.
I’ll be watching this and hope to learn more.

Have a good night.
Seek to stay peaceful, stay focused and keep preparing
one step at a time.

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    I love homemade Christmas goodies. Our neighbor across the street has been bringing us cookies for quite a few years now. We always look forward to them.
    I don’t have to many folks to find gifts for these days, but Christmas isn’t as much fun without giving, so I pick local charities to give to. Today my mom and I dropped off pet food and supplies to the local “pet pantry.” They help folks that are having a hard time buying food for their animals.

    Interesting article about the bank. As long as they are FDIC and getting $$ from the fed I don’t think it really matters how “patriotic” they make themselves sound. I think it’s just a venture to make money and “anti woke” is their marketing strategy. But at the end of the day they’re still going to have to issue bank cards with mastercard or visa logos. They will still borrow from the federal reserve, they will still have be part of the system. If you’ve ever read “sneetches” by Dr. Suess, the salesman in the middle makes money by telling each side that they are made better than the other side with his product.

    I forgot to mention, you can find “different” freeze dried items on ebay. Like I ordered freeze dried ice cream, and it was scoops of actual ice cream in a sealed mylar bag with closable zipper. I’ve also gotten bags of Freeze dried shredded cheese, skittles, brownies. They sell pork, steaks, fish, sausage, cheese, candy, baked goods, almost anything you can think of. All kinds of things that the regular commercial companies don’t do. Some are Gov contractors, others small private companies. Is it still pricey, oh yeah. But it was neat to see different things. I haven’t really checked prices in a year or two, but I did get some of these things and the packaging was professional and the product was quality.

    Are you getting any of that crazy blizzard crossing the country?

    That’s it for me. Have a great night.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening Jamie.
      I’m right with you loving homemade Christmas goodies.
      I have made a batch of the dough for Reese’s cookies and need to stop doing that or
      I will have to mix up another batch lol
      I think it’s wonderful your neighbor’s bring you cookies every year. What a delightful
      thing to look forward to.

      I mostly just have kids and grandkids here and some I’m fortunate if get to see them since
      live a distance away. I may make extra goodies in case they do come or one of my daughters
      from Kansas comes around Christmas and send them back with her.
      We used to get together after Christmas and go out for dinner but since Covid we
      haven’t done that for a few years.
      When I’ve been able I’ve sent a few things to my youngest grandkids in Kansas but
      I don’t want to keep sending soaps and bath bombs that I have left from last year lol
      I love to give and will just make them nice cards since I got ink for the printer now.
      I think it is awesome your mom and you took pet food and supplies to the local pet pantry
      there. There is always a need for these things for those who are low on money to buy
      food and items for their animals.
      I know we have the Animal Rescue League here that gives out food for dogs and cats
      twice a month. I’m going to donate two bags of very small bite Science Diet this week
      to them. It was given to me and the bites are even too small for puppy, Thor. I’m sure
      there must be some little dogs they help that can use it. Like you it’s some small way
      to give and make a difference.
      I’ve had to get dog and cat food from them before and it’s another way to give back.

      Yes it is an interesting article on the bank. I just can’t see how they can remove
      them self from the Central Banking system and still have a bank. Since being on
      Social Security now myself the website is more or less my side hustle to bring in
      income to not be dependent on government when they could take the SS away.
      I’m more personal in sharing and not a real selling type of person like some
      so I just do my best.

      I’ll definitely check out ebay and see what their prices are these days.
      I know they are a paypal company and since I no longer use paypal I’m
      sure there must be away to purchase if decide to besides paypal.

      So far no blizzard just freezing rain. The weather has been weird this
      year. It’s cold enough just lack of snow is unusual. I won’t hold my
      breath that it’s not on it’s way since the rest of the country is getting
      plenty. How about where you are? Are you getting any of that blizzard?

      Puppy Thor is up racing around so better get off here.
      Have the best night.

      • Avatar Cindy


        Ebay parted ways with paypal a year or two ago. You can still use paypal there but it isn’t required. Ebay started paying their sellers from in house and ended their ties to paypal. I was able to end my paypal account too.

        • Avatar Cindy

          Hi Jamie,
          This is good to know and I definitely am looking to use other ways for payment.
          Glad you could successfully end your paypal as well.
          I hope the day is going well for you.
          It’s been non-stop raining here with snow supposedly on the way.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      I hope your morning is off to a good start.
      It’s a snowy one here and looks kinda pretty from inside looking out.
      I have to go out today to take puppy, Thor for his first Puppy check
      up so should be fun.
      Hey I looked on ebay at freeze dried foods. It’s amazing the selection
      and the prices are very, very good. A lot cheaper than freeze drying
      my own and a lot faster lol
      Thanks so much for mentioning ebay.
      I think a person should get what they want in case in time
      it’s not possible. A great way to stock up without the
      time of freezing drying our own if we have a freeze dryer.
      Enjoy your day!

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