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Another busy day at Simply Backwoods
It’s getting late but decided to go ahead
and share anyhow.

I had a hankering for cinnamon rolls so made a batch.
I also made a simple coffee creamer with with milk and
condensed milk. Actually a splurge for me.

I was blessed with some organic free range chicken
from the food pantry.
I do make chicken when I can to add to the dog’s
food so the first batch was for them. The second
batch is in the crock pot with some carrots.
The second batch I’ll go ahead and can.

I was also blessed with some ground pork and am
going to make a white sauce gravy tomorrow
for over biscuits and toast. The rest I’ll can as well.

I made the small package of Triple Cheese Mac from
Nutrient Survival.
It also comes in a larger size as well that
would be good for a family meal.
The Triple Cheese Mac is rich in vitamins and minerals.
It definitely is a food to have in your MRE’s for SHTF
nutrition wise.
The directions suggest 1/3 cup of boiling water, stir and wait
8-10 minutes. I’d suggest 1/2 cup of boiling water or milk
(even powdered milk mixed up) if in a grid down situation.
I think in my opinion even though it’s made with cream and
buttermilk it would make it a little more tasty.
Triple Cheese Mac

Another busy day at Simply Backwoods trying these Peanut Butter Meal Bars

I really like the Peanut Butter Bar Meal from
Nutrient Survival. It’s also rich in vitamins
and minerals. made with rolled oats, organic
brown rice crisps, milled flax seed and roasted
peanuts. Very super tasty as well as nutritious.
This is definitely something I want to have a
supply of.
Peanut Butter Bar Meal

That’s all for tonight folks.
I’m going to call it a night soon
and be back at it tomorrow.
Have a good night and be
back soon.
Remember to seek to stay at peace,
stay focused and keep preparing
one step at a time.


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Thanks for the peanut butter bar review. I’m always looking for small items I can tuck away in go bag or car.
    Good score on the chicken and pork.
    There is a stand outside of a thrift store I go to. It’s for the community to share food. Sometimes the farmers will put veggies out. Other times people share canned goods. Occasionally the box stores will put out baked goods and bread. I’ve left some canned goods that I can’t rotate through fast enough and I’ve gotten a lot of good veggies.

    Have a great night.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie.
      The Peanut Butter Meal bar is definitely a good item small
      enough to have in a go bag, get home bag or just stashed
      in the car.
      I was pleased on the chicken and pork.
      It’s good you have stands there where people can
      pick up food or even contribute.
      We have quite a few of those here too. People
      have even been built little wood boxes with doors
      that they put can and dry goods in
      and others can put food in as well.
      I don’t go out a lot but when I can I add can goods
      like you do for others to use. There are some things
      I’d rather give to those in need when I have excess.
      We even have more places that have a frig on one side
      and can goods and bread on another side.
      The large Food Bank here has made it really difficult for
      stores to contribute to food places for the needy by
      making them sign a contract or else they won’t work with them.
      I’m still learning about it. But it’s definitely another
      part of the big guys interfering in food for the those
      who would go hungry otherwise. I’m not sure what can
      be done but I hope to learn more and find out what
      we can do here as a community helping others in need.
      I hope you have a really good day and going to work on
      another post later of a few more items I’ve tried from
      Nutrient Survival among other things.

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