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Chicks are my new global currency and solution to problems of food.

Good evening.
Finally the new enclosure is together and chicks are moved in.
I’ve since added more pine chips since the deep layer method
will work in their enclosure as well and keep odors at a very
minimal level if any at all.
As soon as possible I need to get a hanging waterer and feeder.
The chicks tend to trash their water with pine chips and add some
to their feeder too.
I’m hopeful tomorrow to get their run down for outdoors if
doesn’t rain. They’ll only go out a few hours a day to start
with and probably a bit longer over time possibly.
I have very mixed feelings about putting the chicks outside
and may end up putting the run inside but time will be
a deciding factor.
I didn’t get a chance to go out and measure and cut a
branch for their perch but got creative and use a super
long and adjustable curtain rod. They seem happy with it.
It’s not in the picture since added it after this picture.

In my last post I shared about Vaccines called Gene Therapy
in our food.
Having chickens that will be good egg layers is a part of my
solution to overcome what is coming at too fast of speed for
my liking and probably most of our liking.

It’s important to guard our food supply and resources.
For me it’s guarding my chickens from the lies and
attempts to destroy a healthy food source.

If we don’t do what we can and be proactive we can
live in fear and dread instead. Granted there is some
anxiety that I have but I continue to overcome and
so should you.

This morning I read an article JD Rucker posted and sited
several different resources on alternative currency.
One name for it is Crypto 2.0.
The IMF just rolled out a One World Currency
Again we have to look at solutions vs living
in fear and wondering what are we going to do.
A friend and frequent commenter here as mentioned
gold and silver. I really think there is going to be a
place and need for this as well as learning to barter
smartly with others for food and resources we may
need. By smartly I mean one won’t barter and trade
with someone we know is a scoundrel or believes
their entitled to everything without any give on their
part. I have a few neighbors like that.
I won’t go into this but we’ll have to learn to be wise
and use common sense as well as protect ourselves
in the event of adverse circumstances arising.

The bottom line is we have to be Solution Finders
for our own well being. The government isn’t
going to take care of us.
Remember they’ll take it all away and we’re supposed
to be happy. Ha Ha

Keep stocking up on the preps such as food, water
& supplies you can within your budget, pay off any
debt so it can’t be used against you, grow your own
food and a lot of it as well as protect it,
protect your animals you have for food such as chickens
and livestock, buy gold and silver and
real crypto currency if you choose to, get to know folks
that are truly preppers and ones you can team up
with if possible. That’s not a possibility for me so far
and some preppers I know are half awake and snoring still.
Even if your in the city you can still prep and
safeguard yourself.

Look for solutions, Stay at Peace, Stay Focused,
Stay Close to the Lord & if don’t know Him please
begin a relationship with Him. He’ll be your
Everything in troubled times. And by all means
keep preparing one step at a time.

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