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Vaccines in our food and animals

Good afternoon.
It came to my attention a few evenings ago reading
Brian Peckford’s blog about the ploy
to put vaccines in our food. Isn’t it enough they
already plan to vaccinate our animals! Perhaps your
already aware of this but this is still
a must read/watch:
Eat Your Vaccines
If they can’t get it to us in a jab our food is
There is a video on the post as well with Dr
Naomi Wolf
with Thomas Renz as well as another with Thomas Renz.
It’s my understanding they’ve been working
on incorporating the vaccines in our food for over two
decades. They call it Gene Therapy.
Renz and others are simply asking for disclosure and labeling
food that contains the supposed ‘Gene Therapy’. The Bill HB 1169
is there on the article, You can contact your legislature and ask them
to intervene as well if you choose to do so.

I’m dead against the covid vaccines and boosters. If you have chosen
to get yours there is no judgement but this is about free choice
or just surrendering to the powers that be.
I’m not going to get into all the research and what damage this
vaccine has done to many. If you have had the jab and no side
effects then yeah to you!

My mom’s health has steadily declined after vaccination and boosters.
She has had two heart attacks recently as well.
She used to be so vibrant, loved to bake and walked the dog daily.
Now my sister takes her to one dr after another with no answers.
I have friends who have lost a parent after vaccination as well.

The hardest things for me is family who blame heart attacks and other
things on something else.
Secondly, some in the preparedness community either consented
to the vaccination or won’t speak out. They just sit silently on the fence.
My prayer is Dear Lord please wake people up to our right to choose
and the repercussions of not doing so as well as the countless deaths
and injuries due to the vaccines!!

Okay I’m going to get off my rant and hopefully haven’t alienated
some of you. I’d rather be in a place to agree to disagree.
By all means do share your thoughts good, bad or ugly if you’d like.

The solution is to grow your own food and protect
your animals. More on that later.

I’ll get this published and hope to be back on later.
I’ve got a new enclosure put up finally for the chicks
growing like crazy, hoping to move them this evening
and another run to do outside.
More on that later so stay tuned.

Remember to Stay at Peace, Stay Focused and
Keep Preparing One Step at a Time.

He who dwells in the shelter of the most High
will abide in the shadow of the Almighty
(Ps 91:1)

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