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Good afternoon.
I hope your week has been going well for you.
It’s been on my mind that clean water is a necessity
now and for days to come.
Over the next few days I want to cover various methods to
purify and clean water, interspersed with other happenings.

With the state of things I’m of the mind that it’s best to
have more than one means to do so.
We have constant trains derailing spilling chemicals
not to mention those chem trails in the sky that appear
like fluffy clouds resembling a bumpy country
road. Or at least that is sure what they look like here.
I don’t want the post to go on and on so breaking
things up over several days seems smarter.
Let’s face it, no one probably wants to read 3 pages of
information and try to absorb it.
When I’m done I hope to do an overview over what
I’ve shared.

If you remember I did a couple ponds last year. The one in the video at the
beginning of this post. I’ve taken the liner out and doing some changes since
the possums and racoons made a mess of things.
I haven’t made much progress on the pond or chicken run
with all the rain we’ve been getting and colder weather but attempting
to make some.
We have had a freeze warnings over last few last nights that
didn’t come to anything but I keep thinking,
“Oh Spring Where are You?”

Anyhow, I did the ponds as an extra source of water in tough times
that I can purify for drinking, bath and cooking. In addition, I’ve
got hopes the water may help Rusty dog to soothe his arthritic muscles
as well.

In light of the chemicals released in Ohio, the water being polluted
with chemicals and their waterways that feed into the Mississippi and
other waterways along with hearing more stories of train derailments releasing
chemicals and fires continually. It seems like an even bigger priority than
ever before.

Clean water is a necessity. 
I trust my Berkey to aid in
filtering my water.

I’ve put my trust and faith in my Berkey water filtration system
for many years. For that matter I still do but I’ve decided to
explore several other options to purify water as well to be
darn sure my water is safe. And I want your water to be safe
for you too.
Unfortunately all of the Berkey’s at are out of stock
but you can purchase from Amazon if interested in having one,
don’t already or want another one. Perhaps some extra
filters too!
A note for those who don’t know I am no longer an affiliate
for Amazon since they don’t like my content but I still
believe in passing on resources needed.

I contacted Berkey shortly after the Palestine, Ohio derailment
and spill in regard to what the filters are able to remove from
Here are a couple links Berkey sent me as to what they will remove
at around 99.99 % or less. Berkey can not guarantee the removal
of toxins from the chemicals in Ohio but waiting to see if
they do any updates.
I think it is a good starting point though.
Link 1
Link 2

Clean water is necessary.
Aquatabs is a valuable resource
in doing so.

In my next post I plan to share on Aquatabs.
I think it’s a valuable resource to have on hand to
purify our water so stay tuned.

Stay at Peace, Draw Close to
Christ continually, Stay Focused
and Keep Preparing One Step
at a Time

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