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Purifying water with Aquatabs is what I want to share about today and review the Berkey I shared in the
last post.

A good Saturday to everyone.
I hope your week has been a good one and you were able to
accomplish some things you wanted to do.

Overall my week has been busy but a good one.
I planted some more seeds and been tending to the chicks who
are growing like crazy.

Clean Water is a Necessity Part 2. Last post I talked about the Berkey filtration system and this week I'm covering Aquatabs for water purifying.

Last post I shared about the option to use a Berkey Water Filtering
. And this week I want to share a bit on using Aquatabs
as another option in the process.

Purifying water is necessary. Aquatabs can help in this

Aquatabs can be another tool to help you purify and
clean your water to make sure it’s safe.
Whether your at home, camping or there is an
emergency Aquatabs can be a great help.
They offer some FAQ’s on what Aquatabs do
on their site if you’d like to learn more as well.
I like them because they have tablets in a lot
of different quantities. I think it’s a great idea
to have plenty on hand since you never know
when you may need them or if perhaps
shipping goes bonkers and you can’t get them.

Purifying water will be even better with Aquatabs In-Line coming soon.

Aquatabs will soon have this In-Line System
One can connect the Aquatabs InLine on your main water line.
From either a gravity-fed storage tank or on your municipal water line.
disinfects up to 237,000 gallons on one cartridge.
I’m totally looking forward to getting my hands on this.

Purifying Water is necessary and this Aquatab Flo can be another helpful tool in the process

Aquatabs will also soon have available Aqua Tab Flo
This will disinfect up to 47,500 gallons by easily connecting
the Aquatabs Flo into your water tank to disinfect
the water as the tank fills up.
This is also going to be another game changer for me.

The Aquatabs are not a total solution for some of the chemicals
like from Palestine, Ohio but I believe they sure can aid in the
process. They do remove a lot of things like parasites and
Giardia. I believe in combination with other purifying methods
Aquatabs will be a helpful solution.

I believe a lot of research is being done to find the best ways to
purify water from chemicals like from Ohio and the growing
amount in the air like from chem trails and other ways are
water is being polluted.
I think it’s important to have as many options in are arsenal
as possible right now. I can’t stress this enough!

I’m continuing to do my research and will keep sharing various
ways to purify your water to make it safer.
In my next post I’ll be sharing some water purifying
tools from Survival Frog.
They have several options as well as a lot of other
items to have for prepping as well as food.
Stay tuned for more. I’ll be sharing on water purification
as well as what I’m up to.
Don’t forget you can find me here as well:

Stay at peace and draw close
to the Lord daily, Stay focused
and continue to prepare one
step at a time.


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  “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will advise you with My eye upon you.” 

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