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I just watched this video with Rick and Jane Austin.
Such very information and excellent information!
The times we live in, I believe, requires us to think outside the box,
become self-reliant and self-sustainable.
I am scared for those who aren’t like minded and
don’t think this is necessary.
Just throwing around the term “I’m a prepper”
isn’t going to cut it when things continue to go downhill.
Believe me I’m not a doomsayers or conspiracy person.
I just look at what is happening.
When it’s become impossible for many to buy much food
or pay their utility bills among
other things, it should be a wake up call to regroup
and do our best right where we are
to make changes.

Some of us aren’t getting any younger and things get
harder to do but you can still think outside of the box
and do what you can.
If your older and having more trouble navigating to do things,
ask someone to help you. Perhaps a Trustworthy,
friend or family member.

If your like me you may have family members who look at you
like you’ve lost your marbles or put up with me.
But perhaps there are some who can help or are willing to do so.
Having foods canned or meals that can even be warmed in hot
water if need be can give you peace of mind.
You can dehydrate foods to make your own MRE’s or purchase
already made.
These are a few companies below right off the top of my head
to purchase ready made foods.

Augason Farms Ready made meals for thinking outside the box

Lunch and Dinner
Hearty, delicious and just add hot water.
Even includes chocolate pudding…yum!
Augason Farms

Readywise Foods on Survival Frog
Think outside the box and have ready made meals on hand.

Survival Frog offers ReadyWise Foods
This image is the bucket with 120 servings
of a lot of different meals. Survival Frog

And pleasantly surprised this deal is inspired by
someone I respect a lot, Rudy at Alaska Prepper
from Nutrient Survival. All this food is easy to
make and very, very nutrient rich for coming days.

Nutrient Survival inspired by Alaska Prepper. Think outside of the box and be prepared.

Nutrient Survival

I hope you’ve find the video with Rick and Jane
helpful and the food products that will be
excellent to have in your stores.
Don’t wait until the shtf to get ready and
Do what you can!

Have a great evening, stay at peace,
stay focused and keep preparing
one step at a time.


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  2. Avatar Cindy


    A few years ago I spent an afternoon and a ridiculous amount of spray paint, painting my 5 gallon food storage buckets in camo colors. My thought being that in the event things got that bad I could disperse a bunch throughout the woods on the property. That way if I did get “raided” I would still have something hidden. I also made and buried 2 caches out of 6″ pvc pipe. That was like 7 years ago, I wonder how they are doing. The pipes were sealed and the contents were vac sealed. I’ll have to check some day, lol.

    Here’s a fun game, every time Alaska Prepper says “ladies and gentlemen”……do a shot. LOL

    Southernprepper1 on Youtube does a daily bit called “boots on the ground.” It’s interesting because he asks his viewers to send him any “intel” on what they see in their part of the country. It kind of gives you a broader picture.

    Hope all the fur family is well, and the people family too 🙂
    Have a good night.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      I think it’s pretty awesome you sprayed the buckets and buried the 2 caches of pvc pipe with supplies.
      I think this is an excellent idea and makes me think about doing the pvc pipe with supplies again.
      If you decide to check on these sometime I’d like to hear about how everything you buried is doing.
      I like the idea of the game when Rudy at Alaska Prepper comes on and says hello to all.
      I appreciate you mentioning Southernprepper1. I haven’t been on the channel for awhile. And
      normally haven’t been logging in to youtube when watching to not be tracked so much. I have created an
      alternate youtube channel I hope to develop more. I may start logging in more so can participate. I am
      hoping if one gets taken down perhaps the other will be on for a bit longer.
      All the fur babies are doing well. Puppy Thor is quite busy and have to keep an eye on him. His curiosity
      can get him in trouble lol
      Plus he’s always chasing the cats that don’t care to play.
      I hope all is well with you there and things are falling into place with your dad’s house and everything.

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