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Friday and coffee

Howdy everyone.
It’s Friday and coffee for me as well as
the day after Thanksgiving.
Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving with family
or friends, lots of good food and fellowship?
I got together with family later in the afternoon
and it was an enjoyable time with lots of good food.

I’m also enjoying temps in 50’s again. The snow is gone
but I’m not counting on it staying warm or snow staying
away for long.
How’s weather where you are?

All the fur babies are napping so a good time to sit
down and share with you a bit.

I received a nice surprise earlier.
A box was delivered from Nutrient Survival with
lots of goodies. I’ll just share one at a time as I try each
one they sent me. I said it’s Friday and coffee
for me well the reason why is
one of favorites they sent me so far is the
Vitamin Coffee. Columbian Dark Roast
is my fav and chuck full of 13 vitamins too.

I appreciate their products because their drinks
and foods that are healthy, and can be made whether
it’s shtf time or not. But perfectly simple to make.
I told you I’m going to talk a lot more about being
so that’s what I’m doing. This Vitamin coffee is
going to be in my stores for days ahead.
I love my coffee in the morning and sometimes
just to relax with. I have coffee and some stored
but in rough times to have some added vitamins
is going to be a plus!
If your not into coffee I hope in days to come to share
some other samples I’ve received that are right on
for the Survival supplies.
If you do purchase the coffee a receive a small monetary gain
and definitely keeps things going here like the internet while we
have the luxury of it. Your support is always appreciated.
You can learn more about Survival Food Vitamin Coffee below.

Nutrient Vitamin Coffee

Nutrient Survival Vitamin Coffee
Learn More

Are you a Black Friday shopper or not?
I don’t think I’ve ever did any Black Friday
shopping. The thought of hoards of people
is stressful enough lol
But I hand it to you if you do go shopping
or have today. Your braver than me.
I do encourage folks with the state of our
economy to be careful spending exorbant
amounts this year.
Don’t get me wrong Christmas is my favorite
time of year and I love the lights and decor.
The last few years I’ve given gifts of handmade
soap. Shipping costs are so high I haven’t
been making any to sell for awhile but handmade soap
is a gift family and friends enjoy.

Do you make any gifts for family and friends you give
at Christmas?

I hope your evening goes well.
Are you relaxing tonight or do
you have plans?
Whatever your up to remember to seek to
stay at peace, stay focused and keep preparing
one step at a time.

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