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Sundays are best for relaxing and being refreshed. Just what I'm doing sitting in the backyard watching the birds and neighbor cats explore.

I’m of the mind that Sundays are best for relaxing and being refreshed.
There is so much that needs done all through the week that
I certainly need some chill time.

I started my morning quiet with the Lord and partook of the morning
service at Focus Church online. Todd’s message today was Staying Plugged In.
If you’d like a boost and encouragement in doing so, you can watch the
replay at Focus Church.
The days and times we live in we really need to stay plugged into the Lord
and not be sidetracked by fears and overwhelm.

I had a super busy week as usual so having Sunday to Relax and
be Refreshed was so necessary.

Water bathing eggs, fermenting and mulberry mix for fruit leathers.

I’ve had a slight battle with cabbage moths but never fear my homemade
concoction of habanero peppers, onions and garlic boiled in
water with a touch of olive oil keeps them moving on.
Cabbage moths will destroy cabbage and just about any brassica such as
squash and cucumbers among other veggies.

I’ve had mulberries coming out of my ears it seems. So what better to
make than fruit leathers of mulberries, bananas and rhubarb.
I also dehydrated banana chips for times to come and extra for my mom.

I water bathed a few eggs since the local seed company has chickens
and eggs with the bloom on. And then started fermenting cabbage and
broccoli leaves with onions.
Oh sure I’ll be fermenting a lot of sauerkraut and other veggies but just couldn’t
resist making a little treat ahead of time.

The same local seed company will have chicks for sale soon and toying with
what kind of chicken coop to make. I’d like to have one out of doors protected
from predators including the neighbor cats I feed but also need something inside
the garage for the bitter cold months we get here.
I’ve never done something like this and has to be well made on a limited budget.
And taking into consideration I’m not a young chicken myself lol
Another consideration is feeding them. I can purchase seed and other necessities
from the seed company and have read a lot on herbs and other things they like
to eat. So I’m praying and thinking on this big time.

I enjoyed sitting out back and relaxing this evening, listening to the birds and seeing the neighbor cat stalking them. It’s what I needed for some chill time.

That’s my week in a nutshell and I’m glad I had time to relax and be refreshed
for my Sunday.
There will be more to do this week and lots to contemplate and I’m ready.

I haven’t posted a lot due to being busy but no worries I plan to be
back soon.
I’d like to share about the dog food I’m making for the dogs,
what I’ve learned about storing salt and other things in the works.

The best week to you. Stay safe, stay aware, stay at peace and stay focused.

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