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Looks are deceiving. It's beautiful out there but scorching hot.

Good evening.
How’s Wednesday been for you?
It’s been a hot one here. Looks are deceiving. The picture
of out back is beautiful but it’s still scorching hot out there.
Thankfully worked early morning on planting a bit of some plants
I rescued from Hy Vee’s garden center that probably hadn’t been
watered for several days due to employees out sick that work in there.
More to do tomorrow morning. I’ll see if they survive.
The garden is thriving like mad and thankful.
I have two cabbages and a whole lot of Shell Peas staring at me to be done 😁
Tomorrow coleslaw and sauerkraut to make as well as shell the peas after outside work is done.
The city cleaned the alley behind where I live after people have dumped junk there.
And gave me okay to plant pretty much anything I want next to the fence.
Has me thinking what shall I plant 🤫 I’m of the mind to plant some
pretty flowers, sunflowers and some defensive border plants that
can’t be inside the fence due to fur babies.
I’m thinking thorny holly that grows here.
What would you plant if you had your choices?
I hope you have a super good night and stay cool.
Even if it’s hot there and looks are deceiving even
though it’s a site to behold. Go ahead and enjoy the
beauty of what you have. Thrive in Spite of it!
Stay safe, stay at peace, stay focused and keep preparing
one step at a time.

Simply Backwoods

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    Happy Independence Day Weekend 🙂 May we all turn up the radios just loud enough that the doggo’s can’t hear the fireworks. Ugh.

    I’d plant black berries, virtually unkillable and loaded with horrible thorns.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hiya Jamie. And Happy Independence Day Weekend.
      Definitely have the radio up loud with hopes to drown out the fireworks.
      It’s the norm to do that here especially until after the 4th although
      people will keep doing them for a lot longer and drive me nuts.
      I can still hear it thundering down the street a ways but so far doggo’s
      aren’t getting all riled up.
      I like the idea of thorny black berries and those thorns will definitely do it for keeping
      unwanted visitors out. Thanks for suggesting these.
      I like the unkillable part too lol
      Have the best night!

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