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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

In spite of the craziness in the world around us
I’m still thankful for our freedoms and standing

Whether your having a BBQ with family and friends or
just hanging out at home like I am with dogs
who don’t like the fireworks, may you have
a wonderful day and appreciate each and
every God given freedom we have!
Have a BBQ, kick back and enjoy the day.

Hey, if you have kids and grandkids this book beautifully
done by Terry Suchman would be perfect for them.
Wonderfully illustrated and brings home the
sentiment of our freedom and the 4th of July
so well.
Here’s a video below if you’d like to have a look.

You can find this new book by Terry and at least 40 others on Amazon-

Enjoy your day and your freedoms, stay focused, stay at peace and keep
preparing one step at a time.

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