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Preparing Can Be An Adventure

I had planned to share sooner but we’ve had an emergency.
Not the kind of adventure we planned on.

Preparing Can Be An Adventure but doggos getting into mouse poison not the adventure we'd like

My granddaughter’s two little dogs got into mouse poison
and had to stay at the emergency vet for awhile
Prayers have been answered. After lots of charcoal,
IV’s and catheters they are going home. Yeah!

I’ve been keeping super busy getting things done.
Seems I run out of time in the day but I keep
doing what I can and making it a point to
enjoy the journey and make it an adventure.

I’ve had a lot of chicken and turkey bones in the freezer
I’ve saved. I have most of them cooking up to make
bone broth for cooking, pressure canning
and the dogs food.

We’ve had plenty of snow here and more expected to come
later. It’s warmed up some and a bit more tolerable to be
outside when I need to be.

Prepping can be an adventure.
Making all this ground beef sure was

My daughter and I found a good deal on a 10 lb tube of
ground beef so I used 2 tubes, making individual patties
for the freezer and cooked up and pressure canned
the remaining ground beef.
Since there are some who think we need to eat bugs
in our food I want plenty of real protein canned ahead
for meals.

I haven’t had a chance to work on making any more
MRE’s I talked about awhile back.
Have you made any, done any canning, freeze drying or dehydrating
of foods lately?

I am investing in Nutrient Survival products.
I seldom find products being rich in vitamins
that will make a world of difference in coming days.
Buying freeze dried foods like this can be a bit
more pricey indeed.
Yet I like the Powdered Vitamin Egg Blend
because I use it for morning breakfast
or in my baking.
A #10 can will last me up 25 years stored
and the people at Nutrient Survival are
beyond wonderful to work with.
I encourage you to get yourself a few
cans or a case.
Nutrient Survival Powdered Vitamin Egg Blend

Preparing can be an adventure and sometimes it means investing in some vitamin rich foods like Nutrient 
Survival Powdered Vitamin Eggs.
Prepping can be an adventure.
Making this cola sure was.

I do like my Cola and usually purchase
ahead several 2 Liter bottles from Dollar Tree
and in turn I can rinse the bottles
with bleach and dish soap and refill with water for storage.
I found this recipe for making Cola and
thought what the heck I’ll try it.
It requires several ingredients and quite a bit of sugar.
I had to order the gum arabic since I didn’t find any
I’m going to experiment with canning a few jars and test it
out say in a few months and see how it is.
Once the base mix is done it’s put with carbonated water
and with ice.
I have never received a response from the woman who
shared the recipe to clarify what
kind of carbonated water.
I bought Club Soda but not sure that is what it needs
to really mimic Cola so I’ll try something else soon.
It’s a lot of work and ingredients compared to just
purchasing some Dollar Tree Soda but I thought I’d
try it. Who knows maybe one of these days Dollar
Tree soda will no longer be available. It’s already
timing after their truck comes to get any.
If you’ll like to check out the recipe and/or
try your hand at making some, click the

Preparing can be an adventure but do stay focused and aware

Do stay focused and aware of what is going on around you.
And do your best to keep fear out of the equation of life.
I am fully aware of what has taken place with WHO and Davos,
as well as see signs of the stupidness showing up in real life
all around me.
I won’t expound on any of it right now but perhaps
in times to come.

May your weekend be a good one.
If you have any insights or ideas, do share!
Seek to stay at peace, stay focused and keep
preparing one step at a time.

Preparing can be an adventure.
Stay at peace, stay focused and keep preparing one step at a time


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Poor little doggos 🙁 That is just awful. I’m so glad they’re going to be okay. They look so adorable.
    I also can’t imagine what that vet bill looks like.
    That’s always been my hardest prep to come up with, the “emergency fund.”

    Making cola! How neat, I never would have thought of that.

    $99 for a #10 can of eggs, wow, it wasn’t that long ago (3-4 years ago they were like $39). Depending on the price of eggs locally, it”s probably is worth it.
    An 18 pk of eggs at walmart here is up to $8.49
    Every time I walk into a grocery store I’m just blown away by the prices. Between the lack of product on the shelves and the prices, it almost invokes a sense of panic. Shopping used to be fun, now it kinda sucks. I’ve just been maintaining my preps, if I see a good sale I will grab extra.

    Right now I’m trying to find a good van to replace my old one. Prices keep dropping, so hopefully I can find a good deal.

    Have a great night. Keep busy.
    God Bless you and yours.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Jamie.
      I’m overjoyed the doggos are home and doing well now. My granddaughter
      stopped over yesterday with one (Chico) on her way from getting his
      shots. I had pain meds from Thor’s shots I didn’t need after his shots
      and figured it would help her out since they weigh the same. Chico is a
      bit shy but we think in time him and Thor can have some play dates. Thor
      needs a playmate beside the cat that plays with him sometimes lol
      Both dogs going to the vet was an expensive trip and thankfully my daughter
      is helping her out with it plus have Care Credit.

      Yes that emergency fund for preps is hardest for me as well but I keep trying
      a little here and there.
      Rusty’s vet using an energy circle on his hips and back. She had a coupon for some off
      so had her order it for him. It will actually cut down on trips she has to make here since
      it helps his arthritis and inflammation a lot. I had put money back for it and thankful
      to finally get it ordered.

      I haven’t decided if I’ll keep making the cola but I figured it’s worth trying and might
      be good to know in days to come.

      I know the price of the powdered eggs has gone up a lot as well as eggs at the store too.
      I so relate on the price of everything climbing or else the stuff just isn’t on the shelves.
      Shopping isn’t fun much anymore and sales are about it for me too.
      I try not to panic but it is alarming to see what’s going on.

      I hope you can find a reliable and not too pricey a van. Just have to watch and find a
      good deal.

      It’s another cold and snowy day here. Stay in a lot. When the dogs go out I hurry them
      along to get back in as much as possible. After the last snow the temps have dropped considerably.

      I hope you have a good night and stay warm and cozy there with your little beagle.
      May all you put your hand to be blessed.

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