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Bring Monday to a close and sharing with all of you.

Bringing Monday to a close.
I wanted to do a late post and for those who’ve
already called it a night you can catch it tomorrow.

It’s been a busy day with an energetic puppy and also
spent some time participating in the Free 5 Day
CBDC Opt Out Challenge
put on by John at
Live Free Academy.
I apologize for not sharing earlier about this but
you can still sign up and get in on learning about
opting out of the challenges ahead with the digital
currency coming our way.
If your interested in signing up and learning, here’s
a link in order to get signed up:

James Corbin was on today and here’s a link to
the recording so you can get caught up and a taste
for what’s to come.

Day 2 (tomorrow) will have Jack Spirko speaking and sharing.
I appreciate Jack’s knowledge and perhaps you will
glean a lot from it as well.

I received my mylar bags and oxygen absorbers
from Wallaby today. Now I’m ready to work on
storing lots more preps I have as well as want
to start making a few MRE’s for times to come as

I’ve been learning about vertical gardening and
will share more on this tomorrow.
It’s going to be a huge plus for me growing
inside and outside.

Bring Monday to a close and learning about vertical gardening.

Have a restful night.
Remember to stay at peace, stay focused
and keep preparing one step at a time.

Bring Monday to a close with
just me at Simply Backwoods

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