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Bring Monday to a close and sharing with all of you.

Bringing Monday to a close.
I wanted to do a late post and for those who’ve
already called it a night you can catch it tomorrow.

It’s been a busy day with an energetic puppy and also
spent some time participating in the Free 5 Day
CBDC Opt Out Challenge
put on by John at
Live Free Academy.
I apologize for not sharing earlier about this but
you can still sign up and get in on learning about
opting out of the challenges ahead with the digital
currency coming our way.
If your interested in signing up and learning, here’s
a link in order to get signed up:

James Corbin was on today and here’s a link to
the recording so you can get caught up and a taste
for what’s to come.

Day 2 (tomorrow) will have Jack Spirko speaking and sharing.
I appreciate Jack’s knowledge and perhaps you will
glean a lot from it as well.

I received my mylar bags and oxygen absorbers
from Wallaby today. Now I’m ready to work on
storing lots more preps I have as well as want
to start making a few MRE’s for times to come as

I’ve been learning about vertical gardening and
will share more on this tomorrow.
It’s going to be a huge plus for me growing
inside and outside.

Bring Monday to a close and learning about vertical gardening.

Have a restful night.
Remember to stay at peace, stay focused
and keep preparing one step at a time.

Bring Monday to a close with
just me at Simply Backwoods


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  2. Avatar Cindy


    It reminds me of coal company “scrip.” Only good at the company store, and the store only supplied what they deemed necessary for the miners and their family. For example they would not sell alcohol. So a middle man would cash the scrip for you to buy anything not in the company store for a huge mark up.
    That is where there will be a huge black market for goods and services, it’ll be the “money changers” that make all the $$. It’s happening right now all over the world, brazil, Peru, Russia, Venezuela. There are guys who post on facebook all day their exchange rates and will deliver American dollars to your door for a ridiculous exchange rate. And they are making a killing. I guess one way to prepare is to have items for barter along with precious metals. Not sure if paper dollars will be worth anything.
    It’s all about community, and this is why the government has invested so much in destroying that community. The more divided we are along every possible line, the easier it is for them to control us.
    Those were my random thoughts after listening to the podcast. I have much to learn, but I am trying to look at it from the perspective of opportunity. If you see something coming and can hedge your bets, you can be in a better place to help yourself, your family, and those less fortunate around you.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening Jamie.
      I like your analogy of the coal company.
      And glad you were able to listen to the podcast.
      Right now I’m looking at what the options are to get out of the Central Banking system.
      I’m thinking the paper dollar will continue to lose value and become useless.
      Granted their are a lot of braggers out there saying they are making lots and lots
      of thievery too. Those folks seem to be making a killing but how long will that last.
      And money changers all across the globe as well.
      The government can’t stop bitcoin and cryptocurrency so they are trying to entice folks into
      getting it and storing in ways they can monitor it.
      I don’t understand a lot of it yet but there are places like Monero the government
      can’t monitor or find out who one is and don’t rip folks off. I’ll keep learning and see where I go with this.
      Right now I agree bartering and having precious metals may be a good option.
      I know a few folks who have shared on buying gold but I don’t happen to have the mula to do so just yet.
      I try to fathom if the older couple I am buying my house from would take gold for a house payment. At some point
      I may embrace a conversation with them to see what they think of things going on and the economy.
      So many are divided it’s difficult to have ‘community’. I do believe if the government can keep us divided
      we are controllable. Sadly most have bought into being divided whether it’s a political party, how someone lives
      or looks and the list goes on and on.
      The few I have connected with on the Freedom Cell Network so far just want to be connected and form community and
      not all are focusing on bitcoin or cryptocurrency although they may have it. Who knows.
      I know their are directories available to purchase supplies and items needed outside the system but I couldn’t afford
      the VIP Pass for the event going on and didn’t make it a priority since sadly most aren’t in my area probably.
      It seems better to find people to barter with and get thing near me when shipping and even picking up at a distance
      may not be an option someday in the future.
      I pray I’ll be as prepared as possible to not need the system to get what I need that I can’t grow or get from a trustworthy
      source outside the system and digital id.
      I think you have a good perspective to look at opportunities , hedge your bets and be in a place to help yourself, family
      and those less fortunate.
      This has sure got me thinking and doing my best to stay out of fear but be proactive and wisely so.
      Well I better get to writing my posts since it’s getting late and I seem to have a lot of late nights these days.
      I hope your night is a good one.
      Rest well and seek to stay peaceful as you go forth in preparing.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      I hope you might find this all helpful.
      I had a bit of trouble and had to resort to using Odysee over zoom but did manage to watch.
      James Corbett’s link works just fine though. I think Odysee is safer and less trackable anyhow.
      It kind of makes my head spin a little with so much info to absorb and need to learn a lot more before I make any changes.
      I know I need to make some changes and be ready for what’s to come without question and the sooner the better.
      Let me know if you watch and your thoughts too. Perhaps we can be support along this journey.
      John with Freedom Academy talks about community in doing this and we both know in most circumstances
      community isn’t there for us. I have plugged into the Freedom Cell Network and perhaps there will be
      some community there.
      Not trying to be a downer just want to be wise and ready for what is to come.
      I’ll probably do a late night post here and on MeWe tonight since have Bible Study
      and Online Meetup for the Email Prepper Group.
      Have a good and peaceful night.

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