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It was another productive day here at Simply Backwoods.
I hope Wednesday has been a good one for you.

I’m getting ready to call it a night soon.
Earlier than I have for awhile.

Another productive day making dog food

I finished making the dogs food with chicken, rice, carrots, green
beans, and ground beef.
I rebel canned(like the Amish do) 3 quarts, put some in the freezer
and kept out enough for the rest of the week.
With the price of everything I try to can some ahead each time I make
the dog food lately.

Another productive day making dog treats

I also mixed up a large batch of dog treats and made some as well.
When I make dog treats to store long term I use peanut butter powder
but if making for daily use I use regular peanut butter.

I was able to watch Day 3 of the CBDC Opt Out Challenge and was very
helpful today on building community via the Freedom Cell Network.
I especially appreciated the guest speaker, Derrick Broze of the Conscious Resistance. 
Derrick has been out of the Central Banking system before it was even a thing.
Overall it helped me get off the fence in some respects to
building my own community of folks
in my area and build community around some of my interests and skills.
It’s help me deal with my underlying issues to not go forward and my trust issues.
I’ll share more on that in days to come.
The replay is up yet so far:

I also checked my email earlier and saw Glenn Meder with Privacy Action is doing a free webinar tomorrow evening and also has a video up on the sign up page that I found very informative.
Glenn is always so real and upfront. It would be worth it just to watch the video.
If interested check it out here:

A good night to all. Remember to seek to stay at peace, stay focused,
and keep preparing one 👣step at a time.

Another productive day at Simply Backwoods

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