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Canning my veggies is a great way to overcome when challenges come and bring me peace

Good evening.
What do you do when challenges come your way to overcome and stay peaceful?

I get mad or frustrated at times and work to keep my focus on what needs to be done.

This may be a little different post than usual and may cause some disagreement
but truth always must be told.

I had opportunity to overcome in lots of ways this week.
One being Amazon telling me I couldn’t be an affiliate if I have a brand page on I always thought MeWe was on an Amazon server and that’s why I
knew it was time to get a website happening.
Was I mad! Yes I was! I appealed knowing they don’t listen since they
are the mighty woke folks.

I still have my personal Amazon account but it’s going to be phased out shortly too.
There are lots of other places to purchase from in times to come and for as long
as those sites are up. In addition,
I’m affiliates for other companies that support the prepping community. That’s good enough for me.
If you use Amazon and no issues then go for it. No judgement coming from me whatsoever.

Another area I need to overcome is the forest growing out back that I can’t get to since it keeps raining. The weeds are doing a good job of getting real high in the gardens lol
I try not to complain too much since so many are experiencing water problems and
Anyhow weeds are one of the least of my worries. I did get a neighbor to use his riding law mower and cut down what’s growing out front so making progress lol

Earlier I picked some more green beans that are growing in
Looking forward to canning some and eating some.

Do you think I’m odd because I’m divorcing myself from Google and their platforms
like Youtube and gmail? I now use a secure email provider and VPN at

I know a lot of people I respect and are preppers that use the platforms to get their
messages out and kudos to them for being brave to do so. Many of them get
put in Youtube/facebook jail or simply get kicked off because they word
something wrong about the woke folk.
Now if I watch a Youtube video I don’t log in to watch.
How do I do that and not be tracked by Google! Using a very secure VPN is how!!

I also know folks who use a lot of platforms such as google and fb as though
there will never be an issue of privacy (although wake up…there already
is one
) They track continually! So does facebook! So does your phone!
When I’d be logged into my gmail they’d show me ads and the same ads would
show up on facebook. Or if I searched for something on Google I saw ads pop
up in regard to the very thing I searched for on facebook.

You say, “well we have more things to be concerned about than privacy issues don’t we”.

Probably part of what can steal our peace and tranquility is we do have
lots of issues to be concerned about. Food prices, lack of food availability
in the near future, the threat of higher and higher inflation, gas prices fluctuating
continually, a political and world wide system that is bent on destroying us
and itself and on and on. Protecting our privacy is right along with these
and a high priority for all of us in my humble opinion.
The solutions are to do you best to be alert and paying attention to what’s happening around you and in your arena, make needed changes but above all never ever give up seeking to stay at peace, stay focused and keep preparing one step  👣 at a time.

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