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Full Plate but Peaceful with chicks and gardening.

Full plate but peaceful here.
Good afternoon everyone.
Sorry haven’t been here for a bit longer than planned.
Life has been quite busy here with growing chicks,
starting plants and doggie/cat care.

As always I seek to stay peaceful regardless of
so much to do and all going on in the world
around us.
The chicks are almost 4 weeks old and growing a lot.

Full Plate but peaceful with the growing chicks

They’ll start developer food this week and
next I’ll start making their own food and
fermenting it for added benefits.

Looking at Chicken Coop choices has been
rather tedious. Most every one I’ve looked
at look great until I read the reviews and
everyone says they don’t fit the amount
of chickens claimed in the advert.

So far we’ve had warmer temps in between
60-70 degrees. So for now and if stays warm
I’ll probably put the chicks in a fenced enclosure
for some of the day and bring them into a larger kennel
indoors at night.
With possums and racoons here I don’t leave anything
to chance with the chicks.
If things get worse around us the chicks
may find residence permanently downstairs in
a large enclosure. Time will tell how things go
but not looking promising with a lot of lies around
chickens, etc.

Fifth Generation Warfare Part 2

Full Plate but Peaceful.
Nice start to these potato plants

I mostly have potatoes, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes
and spinach started. Much more to get going.
The picture above is a nice start to some of the
Potatoes I have started.

Full plate but peaceful.
Puppy Thor keeps me on my toes too

Puppy Thor is 7 months old and doing
super well. Keeps me on my toes.
In the picture above he’s in his
favorite chill place although he his
always alert. As my mom says they
always have their antennas up lol

Well I am off to let the girls out to get
a bit of exercise. That is as in chicks.
I won’t be gone so long and have lots
to share and on my mind.

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Have a super good day.
Remember to Stay at Peace,
Stay Focused and Keep Preparing
One Step at a Time.

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