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March Has Definitely Came Marching In. Although I have no plans to bug out I humorously wonder if the frogs wish they could lol

March Has Definitely Came Marching In.
Good evening everyone.
I hope all is well with you.

My apologies for being absent a bit.
I got busy working on things around here
then got sick and a bit under the weather.
Not covid but just have felt rough and had
a bad case of Thrush in my mouth.
Near as I can tell must have somehow
got it from bacteria with my dentures.

My daughter had some home Covid test
sent here and as much as I’d have preferred
she didn’t have them sent here, I went
ahead and did one to find it negative
and thankful for that.

I treated the Thrush by rinsing my mouth
and alternating with salt water, apple cider
vinegar in a cup of water and Tumeric
with a dash of pepper in milk.
It only took a few days to clear up once
I did the above regime.

I still have a nasty cough, sometimes
a mild headache and tired a lot.
Maybe I have chemtrail flu ha ha.

On a brighter note I did get the parts
to replace on my stove but just haven’t
felt good enough yet to undertake the task
of doing so. I know it will be a tedious process
so want to be on top of things before I begin.

I picked the image of the frog with their bug
out bag because sometimes I wonder if the
frogs have packed theirs and moved away
with the state of things at hand lol

I have slowly been starting my seeds and plants.
The cucumbers are coming up nicely and the peppers
as well.
Some of the others are slowly making their way to
come up.
Everything is under lights until I know it will
stay warmer outside and then will move a lot
to the outside building under lights where I have
more room.

I did trim down the elderberry bush and have several
cuttings started in the outside building that are
doing well under grow lights and
since their covered and their sheltered
from the cold pretty much they are even

Since the chemtrails are non-stop I won’t be planting
anything outside.
I did cover the small apple tree starts to protect them
but not sure if they’ll make it or not.
I am determined to grow all I can in a safer environment
than the outdoors is right now here.

Sorry not a lot of pictures of anything and going to keep
this short. I just wanted to touch bases with everyone
who reads and keeps up here.

I hope you have a peaceful and restful night.
I hope to be back sooner than later.

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    There’s been some illness going around, it spread through my work, not as bad as the flu but not fun either. I’ve noticed my coworkers are slobs. They rarely wash there hands and no one ever sanitizes their hand held devices like printers and scanners. We have spray bottles of sanitizer everywhere, they are never used. Some of them wear masks after they get sick, I find that kinda funny. All the things they could have done that actually prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses and instead they pick that bullcrap. Meh, millennials.

    What did you determine was wrong with your stove?

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      I hear you on sickness spreading around. Unfortunately at your work!
      It’s crazy no one bothers to take their hygiene seriously at work until
      they get sick. Then you find some so hell bent on wearing masks and condemning
      everyone who doesn’t. I see people driving in their cars by themselves with a
      mask on. I guess they don’t want to contaminate themselves lol
      The dr said my granddaughter and son in law had RSV (I think that’s what it’s called)
      We doubt it was that and more like bronchitis.
      The little we watch tv we notice their promoting this being a big deal
      and how people need to get vaccinated for it. None of us in my family
      are falling for the nonsense and sounds like drs are pushing it. But what’s new with drs these
      I told my daughter if anything happens where I need help to care for myself don’t dare put me
      in no damn nursing home but rather hire someone to take care of me at home.

      The guy I talked to about my stove had me test the tubing to the pilot light and since it was
      fine he said the thermocoupler. So that’s what I ordered. Now to feel good enough to take on
      changing it.

      I’m trying to get energy to make the chickens some of their treats with their seed.
      When they go in for the night I have a little clean up to do downstairs.
      I removed all dog food since have some good sized mice taking residence that tore bags open.
      Bug guy is coming Tuesday but I’m fed up with the little rodents scurrying around.
      I let the cats down their at night but they seem to hide from them. If the mice come up
      here they will nail them. Go figure.
      Since their not eating from the poison traps I requested a ton of sticky traps to catch their
      little asses lol
      I heard mint and dish soap works but could have fooled me because they are still around and
      don’t need them tearing up stuff to make nests so want them gone, gone, gone!

      I hope your day has been a good one and you have a good evening. I hope your mom and your
      little sweet dog is doing well and that it’s warmer there.
      It’s wet and cold here but such is the roller coaster weather.

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