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Learning in Crypto 
A replay of the Q & A with Glen Meder and Marc Goldman.
Excellent  knowledge and information to avoid scams and make right choices.

Learning in Crypto
I don’t know if you have crypto currency or bitcoin.
I’m so ignorant of crypto and really concerned to get
into it because of scams and the like.

Even if you do have crypto, are apprehensive about
getting into it or just want to know more, Glen Meder
with Privacy Action Plan did a special Q & A with Mark Goldman
whose very knowledgeable in regard to crypto, the scams and
a lot of good knowledge.
I don’t know how long the replay will be up but
definitely wanted to share this if you might be
When government is centralizing banks and a lot of funding institutions,
Crypto done carefully is a way to stay out of the centralized government
plans and keep your money decentralized.

Stay safe, stay focused and keep prepping one step at a time,

#crypto #centralizedbanking #DitigalCurrency

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